The bright lights, music blaring, and the clank of coins in the slot machines draw people into casinos like a magnet. Whether they’re there to try their hand at the classics like blackjack and poker or are just looking for a relaxing place to take a spin on the roulette wheel, most people can agree that the casino experience is unmatched.

But the reason a casino is so fun to spend time in goes beyond free drinks and awesome comps. From the moment you enter a casino, designers use techniques to keep you there as long as possible. Those slots that make it impossible to see your money dropping and the music that keeps you distracted, they’re all intentional.

Casino tells the story of Ace Rothstein (De Niro), a professional gambler with an old-school approach to crime. While many movies portray the glamorous side of Sin City with glitzy opulence and flashing neon, this one dives deep into the city’s history of organized crime. It even features some truly hellacious violence including a popped eyeball and a brutal bat beating.

To compete against other casinos for event and group business, your casino needs to do more than advertise its gaming floor and restaurant. It’s essential to focus on the entire customer journey and promote everything that makes your casino unique. That means highlighting your hotel, spa and health club, and flexible meeting spaces to attract the right crowd for your casino.